Monday, July 14, 2008

My Friend Dolly

Last year, July and August of 2007 were a blur of activity as I was just receiving the first of the printed booklets called 'Point to Communicate'.

A very dear friend of mine called me late August with an urgent request. Her friend, Dolly, who had severe stroke and could not speak. My friend wanted to purchase a booklet to give to Dolly who would never speak again. I quickly drove over to her house to deliver the booklet.
A week later, my friend told me what a success the booklet was for Dolly. Soon, I began to hear this same phrase from other friends of Dolly.
In March, I went to see her. Dolly is highly motivated to communicate with anyone who will engage with her. I am so delighted to have spent time with her and call her my friend. She was so grateful to have the booklet. It changed her life by returning her communication skills which gave her control over her physical well being, showed her mental acumen, her compassion, and her wonderful sense of humor.


  1. My Dad had a stroke too. I purchased the booklet for him. He was a bit resistant at first but when he really needed to communicate he used the booklet. Now he always has it with him. I highly recommend Point to Communicate booklets to anyone who is having difficulty speaking.

  2. My brother's best friend came back from Iraq. He's a mess and isn't able to speak. I showed you blog to him and we went to your site to order. It's not a huge investment for a communication aid. I used to work in special education. The Point to Communicate booklets are vastly superior due to the comprehensive nature, yet truly user friendly. Thank you for an amazing communication aid.